Projects in Progress

Here are some of the things currently going in on Cottage Grove!

Park Improvement Exploration

Many area residents have dogs, but there is no dog park available in the neighborhood. Cottage Grove Park is also aging and needs updating. There have been discussions with the City regarding putting in a dog park at Cottage Grove Park, but the expense is high and the City requires another entity to fund maintenance.

Private Security Discussion

In 2018, a team of Cottage Grove residents analyzed the security issues happening within the neighborhood and proposed hiring a private security service. It never received enough financial contribution to get off the ground - it may be time to reconsider.

Sidewalk Inventory

In December 2020, a full inventory of sidewalks was performed in Cottage Grove Central and West. This was submitted to City Council District C, LINK Houston, TIRZ 5, and the Vision Zero map. Cottage Grove East was not included, because improvements are already funded through Rebuild Houston.

Hike & Bike Trail Expansion

Cottage Grove sits in a fortunate position, right between the Heights Hike & Bike Trail and Memorial Park, even though right now there are no real connections. This is about to change, with TIRZ 5 expanding the Heights trail to our neighborhood in 2021 and TXDOT building a pedestrian bridge and Memorial Park connection starting in 2022.

Neighborhood Priorities Survey

In November 2020, more than 250 Cottage Grove residents participated in a survey to gauge neighborhood priorities. Infrastructure, followed by safety, were the major concerns. Other important issues such as park improvements and building community were also noted.

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